Our Seating Solutions

Mesh Chairs
We have the Mesh Chairs, these are high end Executive orthopedic Chairs suitable for Managers and people with sensitive back history. They are also suitable for hot weather environment because the Polyester Mesh prevents the back from sweating and a feeling of stickiness when in use for long hours. Some of the chairs come with a chrome shiny star base that gives the chair extra strength and a nice finish that prevents accumulation of dust. Some of the chairs come with a nylon five star base. The seats are available in High back, Medium back and Cantilever base. Features: They boast of adjustable height, arm rests and Lumbar support. They have a synchronized mechanism with multiple lock positions. Some of the chairs come with a tilting cushioned head rest to support the neck and head.\ ( OJ08,Q8H,D119H.D110H,GS603,D28H,GS604,N067) In this mesh category their are some lighter chairs as well for the visitors and small meeting tables(D110L, NO67L,GS605). The chairs have chrome cantilever bases and some come on four legs(VC829)
Sofas and Lounge Seats
We have various types of Sofa sets. They are made from PU Leather and come in single seaters, Two Seater and Three seater. These are joined in sets of 2 and three seaters. They are suitable for Lounge and reception areas. They are made from heavy duty steel and are cushioned to make the seating more comfortable. The other type-AWC002/003 are imported and come in a shiny metallic finish with and without seating pad.

Leather Upholstered chairs
We also have the Leather Upholstered chairs.
They are made in High Back swivel, Medium Back swivel and Low back Cantilever for Visitors. The High and Medium Back are made with a synchronized mechanism and tilt tension control for added comfort. Some of them(L157H,L171H,L85H,L29H,L186M) are made with a chrome polished star base to give it more strength and an executive touch. The arm rests are chrome finished and have a thin cushion to give the user more comfort when working. The 2016H and its visitor version 2016v have a touch of vanished wood on the arm rests and the base. This is to enhance its look and bring the feel of nature in your work environment.
Fabric Chairs
These chairs are available in High Back, Medium Back and Low Back Cantilever base for the Visitors or Conference room. These chairs are made in Quality Fabric and have a nylon base and arm rests. The High Back and Medium Back come with pneumatic height adjustable levers and tilt tension control knob.
Operator Chairs
They are simple chairs for Middle level officers. The chairs are made in fabric and are swivel. Draughting Chairs used by tellers in Banking halls and other high counter areas are also in this category. These type of seats have a longer gas lift and a rim at the bottom to support the feet when seated because they raise up to a meter from the ground. They are swivel in nature and come with or without arm rests.